Ronald (Rubie) Polinsky

My Story...

My parents, Sam and Ida Polinsky, came from Russia to settle in Winnipeg. I grew up witnessing their total involvement in every facet of Jewish community life - in the Peretz School, YMHA, fund-raising and all cultural activities. This dedication solidified my Jewishness and set a fine example of participation for me to emulate.

I was born in Winnipeg, and lived in the city's north end, attending Peretz and Machray schools, St. John's Tech and the University of Manitoba. Phyllis Geller and I were married on April 11, 1951, and we have two children, Max and Sandra, and five grandchildren.

When our children were young, I participated in the functioning and activities of Ramah Hebrew School. I served as Co-chair of the JNF Negev Dinner and in 1983 was the Negev Dinner Honoree.

CJA has been my main interest and concern. I served as its Chairman in 1976 and later as Chair of the Policy Committee. Outside of the Jewish community, I have been enjoyed membership on the Board of Management of the Winnipeg Symphony.

My hope is that our family will be remembered for our fierce commitment to the good and welfare of the Jewish community and to the city as a whole. Furthermore, I hope that we, as did my parents for me, have set a good example for our children and their peer group so that they will follow in our footsteps as committed community members. Phyllis and I are cautiously optimistic that the Asper Jewish Community Campus will act as the catalyst to help sustain the high level of activity for both young and old in our community.