Morris Samuel Raizen

My Story...

My father, William Raizen, was born in Dubrovna, Russia and immigrated to Canada in 1925. My mother, Gitel (Eaton) Raizen, was born in Krasnipolia in the Russian province of Propoisk and immigrated to Canada in 1930. My parents met and married in Winnipeg in 1931.

I was born in 1934. My brother Joseph (1932) and sister Rachelle (1937) and I grew up on Cathedral Avenue in the North End. I attended school at Champlain, Machray and St. John's Tech, and also went to evening classes at the Peretz Folk School. I was a member of the 'Wise Guys' club at the YMHA and was also active in Habonim, activities that helped to strengthen my Jewish identity and build life-long friendships.

My dad was a cattle dealer and operated Raizen Wholesale Meats. I worked there as a young man, then became a salesman in the chemical and meat industries. I retired in 1995.

I married Carol Migie on March 2, 1958 and we have two children. Our daughter Brenley Dale, born in 1959, is married to Michael Miller and has two children, Nisa (1986) and Rebecca (1990). Our son Steven Paul, born in 1962 is married to Tanis Kyle and also has two children, Eliza (1997) and Jack (1999).

I have always felt that it is important to volunteer in the community and to support its activities. In 1987 Carol and I were pleased to co-chair the CJA's Super Sunday campaign. Since my retirement, I have worked as a volunteer in the school as a teacher's aide one day a week, and this is also my third year as a volunteer delivering Meals on Wheels.

Carol and I enjoy spending time with our grandchildren, travelling, playing bridge, and our summers at Falcon Lake. Golf is also a favorite pastime.

The promise I am making through the Endowment Book of Life program is motivated by my life-long commitment to the local Jewish community, and the belief that it is important to provide financially for the future of the community.