Morris Louis Silver

My Story...

Morris Silver was born in Winnipeg, and he, his brother and three sisters grew up on Herbert Avenue, in a predominantly non-Jewish area of the city. Abraham and Sarah Silver, Morris' parents, made certain their children maintained a solid Jewish identity. They, and their parents (Morris' grandparents), Nathan and Tamara Silver had arrived in Winnipeg in 1915 from Russia to seek a better Jewish life.

Morris attended Talmud Torah, Elmwood and Lord Selkirk schools. As a young adult, he was a member of Habonim and B'nai B'rith. He chose to become a sales representative and founded his own sales agency in 1967. He proved to be a successful sales representative and enjoyed this occupation until his retirement. Morris participates in the Meals-on-Wheels program, and served as chairman of the Manufacturer Agents' Section of the Combined Jewish Appeal. Both Morris and his brother served in the Canadian Armed Forces during World War II.

On May 17th, 1949, Morris married Dorys Bay. He takes great pride in his children, Les, Tannis (Mindell) and Glenda (Segal), and he derives special nachus as a grandparent.

Morris' hope is "that the Jewish community in Winnipeg remains vibrant so that our children and grandchildren continue to experience a meaningful Jewish life." His participation in the Endowment Book of Life project reflects his commitment to that end.