Marion and Archie Cham

My Story...

"As my fathers planted for me before I was born, so do I plant for those who will come after me." These words from the Talmud, utilized by The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba to describe its mandate and role in our community, also describe our motivation for being involved with the Endowment Book of Life. Born and raised in Winnipeg, we have experienced the value of a close-knit Jewish community. Our involvement with many community organizations has helped us to understand the importance of its various agencies and the necessity for planning ahead for their long-term viability. Several generations of Jews have now been educated in Winnipeg, found extraordinary opportunities for financial gain here, and maintain close relationships with long-term friends. This is a tremendous heritage and we believe that all who have experienced these advantages owe it to this community to give back, whether or not they still reside in Winnipeg. We believe that the Endowment Book of Life, and by extension The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, provides the best vehicle for giving back. The Foundation will be the saviour of this community, providing self-sufficiency and sustainability that will truly serve as a "foundation" for the future.

It is our privilege to make this moral commitment to endow the future of the Jewish community. It is our privilege to "plant for those who will come after".