Joe and Rose Mindell

My Story...

Joe and Rose are delighted to participate in the Endowment Book of Life program.

In 1913 Joe's parents, Sarah Posner and Harry Mindell, came to Winnipeg from New York with three children. Joe and another sister were born in Winnipeg.

Rose's parents were Feige Katz and Sam Malmed. Sam came to Canada from Poland in 1926. Feige and their three daughters joined him in 1929. A fourth daughter was born in Winnipeg.

Rose and Joe were married on December 15, 1940 and have two children, Shayla and Sheldon. Shayla is a librarian at the Office of the Auditor General in Ottawa. She has two daughters, Fern Doctoroff who is in Occupational Therapy at the University of Ottawa and Jill Doctoroff who is in Japan teaching English.

Sheldon and his wife Tannis have one son, Drew Malmed Mindell. Sheldon is a counsellor at Grant Park High School and Tannis is the Deputy Ministry of Family Services for the Government of Manitoba. Drew is a student at Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate. We are very pleased that our children are active participants in the Jewish community. We come from a family of volunteers. For more than 50 years, Rose's Dad, with the support of his wife who worked in the family grocery store, visited Jewish patients in hospitals. We have continued this tradition by visiting patients in the Health Science Centre and volunteering at the Sharon Home.

We have been involved with the B'Nay Abraham Synagogue since its inception in 1958. Rose has been an active life member of the Dvorah Drachler Chapter of Na'Amat for the last 53 years. Joe is well known for his energy and enthusiasm in selling tickets and tagging for all charities who call on him.