Hennie and Rick Corrin

My Story...

Hennie and Rick were both born in Winnipeg in 1955. Hennie grew up in River Heights and Tuxedo and attended public schools including Brock-Corydon, River Heights, Tuxedo-Shaftesbury and the University of Winnipeg Collegiate. She graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Nursing from the University of Manitoba. Rick also grew up in River Heights and attended Ramah Hebrew School, Grant Park, and the University of Winnipeg Collegiate. He graduated as a dentist from the University of Manitoba.

Hennie's grandparents were Beck and Henry Morton and Flossie and Morris Goldberg. Her father Percy Goldberg practised dentistry in Winnipeg, while her mother Elaine raised her family and worked as a volunteer for a variety of community organizations. Rick's grandparents were Jane and Murray Burns and Freda and Sam Corrin. His father Jack was a clothing manufacturer, while his mother Evelyn was also a community volunteer.

Rick has many fond memories of attending boys' clubs at the YMHA on Saturday afternoons and of being involved with the AZA chapter Toppers. He was also a camper and counsellor at B'nai B'rith Camp. Hennie was active in the BBYO girls' chapter Aliyah, and was also a camper at B'nai B'rith Camp.

Hennie and Rick married in 1978. They are very proud of their three children, Matthew, Rachel and Adam. Rick practises dentistry while Hennie is involved as a committed volunteer serving both the Jewish and larger Winnipeg communities.

Rick and Hennie hope that when their grandchildren and great-grandchildren read this Book of Life biography some day in the future, it will give them a strong sense of the heritage that has been handed down to them, and an appreciation and understanding of the importance of sustaining Jewish life in Winnipeg.