Harvey Pinchuk (Pine)

My Story...

I was born in Winnipeg - February, 1938. I grew up in the North End attending Ralph Brown grammar school, Machray Jr. High and St. John's Tech High School. My strongest memory of the Jewish community was the YMHA. I remember the old building on Albert Street and the excitement of moving to our new building on Hargrave.

In the mid 50's, I migrated with my parents to California but always maintained contact with friends and relatives in Winnipeg. I graduated from the University of California at Davis. I was stationed for two years in Texas with the USA Army. While in the military service, I met Anita Chapman. We were married a short time after discharge. We moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan where Anita worked for the University of Michigan and put me through graduate school. I received an M.P.H. specializing in Environmental Control. During the early 1970's we lived in Rock Springs, Wyoming where I was the Environmental Surveillance Officer for the Southwestern part of the State. I completed a 30 year career working for various environmental control agencies and retired in 1994 as a Hazardous Material Specialist for Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Since retirement, I keep busy managing investments and pursuing a hobby as a writer. A hobby by definition enriches ones life as it drains the pocket book. My literary achievements include a number of short stories and magazine articles. I am a staff writer for Write-Away newsletter. My play "Frankie's Thursday Night" has been put on audio cassette and in 1998 my novel "LANDA" was published.

The birds have enough brains to fly north and south with the seasons and I claim to have at least a bird brain. We spend half the year at our summer residence in Northern Idaho and December through April in our winter cottage in San Gabriel, California.