Gordon and Toby Pollock

My Story...

Long time Winnipegers Gordon and Toby Pollock have always been proud of the generous and charitable nature of Winnipeg's Jewish community. In particular, they are proud of the way in which community members have consistently looked out for one another and assisted one another through the years. This tradition, they believe, was inspired by the unique nature of early Jewish immigration to the prairies at a time when newcomers to Canada arrived without any expectations of government assistance or support. Jewish immigrants to Winnipeg, as a result, were helped exclusively by other Jewish residents.

It is this entrenched tradition of looking out for one another that has inspired the Pollocks to become Jewish Foundation of Manitoba Book of Life signers. In doing so, they are conscientiously planning for the future viability of the community and the welfare of the generations that will follow them.

The couple resolutely believes that the Asper Jewish Community Campus has revitalized the community and is certain to enhance the traditional close-knit, compassionate and giving nature of Winnipeg's Jewish community. As Endowment Book of Life signers, Gordon and Toby Pollock are doing that as well.