Gary Edward Margolis

My Story...

When my grandparents, Clara and Jacob Margolis and Rachel and Moses Margolis, came to Transcona from Lithuania in 1914 and 1922, it was a small village, seven miles east of Winnipeg. The Margolis families were involved in tailoring, as fruit and flower merchants, and later, as lumber merchants.

My parents, Ida and Max (Z.L.) raised my brother, twin sister and me on College, Matheson and Smithfield in the North End of Winnipeg. I attended Machray and Luxton schools, St. John's High, West Kildonan and University of Winnipeg Collegiate, and the University of Manitoba. As a youth, I was active in the Y.M.H.A. and the Boy Scouts of Canada. The most vivid memory I have about growing up Jewish relates to the celebration of Yom Tovim, with more than 50 members of our extended family present. In 1971, I married Rachel Elayne Wright, and we have two children, Tara and Jonathan. I have been occupied as a retail lumber dealer and Property Manager.

All the members of my family have made a strong commitment to Judaism by becoming involved with and financially supporting many local and Israeli causes. I have served as a Board Member of Jewish Child and Family Services and of the Rosh Pina Synagogue, been active as a volunteer canvasser for Shalom Residences, Combined Jewish Appeal and Co-Chaired Men's Youth Aliyah.

I believe I have had a privileged life, and so have a responsibility to return to the community in which I have lived and prospered. I hope that my wife and I by example, have left our children a legacy whereby they will do the same. I further urge all future generations to become active and involved in the community, and thereby derive satisfaction in knowing that their efforts will ensure the future and continuity of the Jewish people and our local community.