Dorys (Bay) Silver

My Story...

Abraham and Freda Bay each arrived in Winnipeg from Poland during the 1920's - Abraham in 1925 and Freda in 1928. They resided on Flora Avenue in the city's north end and raised their three daughters there. The Bays were a hard working couple who operated as kosher caterers and also became hotel proprietors.

Dorys attended Talmud Torah, William Whyte School and St. John's Tech. She was a member of Young Judea, B'nai B'rith, and the Y.M.H.A. These Jewish groups in which Dorys participated were a natural extension of the rich traditional environment that permeated her parents' home. She has very warm memories of the manner in which they observed traditional Jewish customs.

Dorys chose to be a homemaker and directed her energies to raising her three children - Les, Tannis (Mindell) and Glenda (Segal), and to supporting her husband, Morris. She later assisted Morris with his sales agency business. In 1989, she received her real estate license from the Manitoba Real Estate Board. Her volunteer activities included National Council of Jewish Women, O.R.T. and Hadassah.

Dorys wants to be remembered "as a committed parent." She feels that her life has been fulfilling and enriched by parenting and grandparenting. She thinks that Campus has revitalized Jewish life in Winnipeg. She would like the future leaders of Winnipeg Jewry to be mindful of the role of the Campus when making community decisions. At this point, Dorys feels "upbeat about the future of Winnipeg and its Jewish population", and she has expressed this faith by her personal endorsement of the Endowment Book of Life.