David Pinchuk

My Story...

David Pinchuk was born in Yaneva, Poland in January, 1912. He claims to be a descendent from the Cohanim line of Jewish priests. The name Pinchuk was a Polish modification for the purpose of land ownership.

With the help of his uncle Hymie Mazerofski, he came to Winnipeg in 1929. David found Canada to be the land of opportunity. Within ten years he had learned English, established a business (Academy Tailors), saved enough money to buy a home on Boyd Avenue, was married to Evelyn and had started his family. He was able to bring his brother Israel Pinchuk from Poland to Winnipeg before the start of WW II.

In the mid 1950's David was lured by the stories of the golden opportunities in Southern California. Across Eastern USA and Canada, people were talking about the economic boom in the land that had no winter. Caught up in the spirit of adventure, David sold his home and business to join the rush to California. Within ten years he had again established a business (Beverly Hills Tailors), bought a home in Beverly Hills and put his two sons through University.

In later years, David lived a passive conservative life style. He was grateful to have seen the world change from the horse and buggy to the jet age of computers. His famous expression when asked about his old age was, "I got my money's worth from my body."