Charles Golfman

My Story...

My grandparents arrived in North America from Poland and Russia before the turn of the 20th Century and my parents were both born on this continent. My father, Syd, was a physician-surgeon, and my mother, Eleanor (Rosenberg) was an artist, dental hygienist, and pharmacist. I was born in Lestock, Saskatchewan in 1944 and moved to Winnipeg in 1949. My brother and I grew up on Ash Street and Laidlaw Blvd.

I attended River Heights School for kindergarten through grade 9, and Kelvin High School for grades 10 and 11. I received a Science Degree from the U. of M., an M.B.A. from the U. of Western Ontario, and entered the business world as a furniture manufacturer. I take pride in having been President of Furniture West, an organization which represents furniture manufacturers in Western Canada.

In addition to my business interests, my focus and energies have mainly centred around my family and the synagogue. My wife, Rosalyn (Linhart) and I were married in 1965 and have three accomplished children: Jeff, Jill, and Lisa and our son-in-law, Steve Kroft. The birth of our first grandchild, Nathan Jordon Kroft, has given us great joy and pleasure. Having a strong community for my children and grandchildren is, therefore, of utmost importance to me. A strong, vibrant Jewish Community will enrich the lives of our young people just as it did for my generation and generations past.

In my youth, Jewish organizations such as the U.S.Y., A.Z.A., and Y.M.H.A. clubs provided a social, athletic and educational outlet and fostered a strong Jewish identification. The most important factor in my spiritual and Jewish development and identification was the Shaarey Zedek Synagogue. I attended evening school and have fond memories of Rabbi Berkal, singing in the Junior Choir, being a member of Scouts, and of celebrating my Bar Mitzvah. My involvement with the Synagogue continues to this day. I have served on its Board since 1981 and as President from 1991-1993 during which time I implemented innovative educational programming, the Golden Band program for young couples, and the Tikun Olam activities.

The Endowment Book of Life provides me with the opportunity to participate in guaranteeing a continuing bright future for the Winnipeg Jewish community.